ACT4JJ Recommendations

The Path to Public Safety: Youth, Family, and Community Success

To achieve a future where young people lead safe and productive lives, it is critical that we invest in it - even in times of belt-tightening. Therefore, the best federal role and wisest use of public resources is to invest in those things that prevent delinquency and effectively deal with youth in age- and developmentally-appropriate ways.

Title II, Title V, and JABG provide Congress with an opportunity to partner with states to chart a course for the safety and success of our nation's youth, families and communities. States are proving in small and big ways that these programs work to prevent delinquency, help youth transition safely to adulthood, and save taxpayer's money. Restoring and strengthening our investments in these programs will help secure America's future. 

Help us protect critical juvenile justice funding by contacting your Members of Congress to ask them to increase funding for juvenile justice and ensure that – at a minimum – the amounts recommended by the Senate become law. Let your elected officials know that federal juvenile justice programs need to be fully funded. Progress can’t be made if promises aren’t kept. Click here for more  resources.